Mauricio Alejo – Oh, Beautiful Disillusion!

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Through video, photography and installation, Mauricio Alejo’s work has insisted on the exploration of space. For his new show “Oh Beautiful Disillusion!”, he turns his attention to materiality itself not only as an offering for contemplation but also as a means to consider its potential for energy and transformation.

Throughout the show, Alejo proposes an environment where time is experienced in a contemplative manner. His photographs, betraying the narrative nature of the medium itself, aim to create a bidimensional surface of intense observation devoid of anecdotes where time does not evolve and possible meanings seem to collapse. Paradoxically the viewer is confronted with a strong sensory experience of thingness without a thing. Nonetheless, the awareness of a dignified materiality clearly emerges from exploring these larger than life photographs.

In a similar sense, the installation work in the show elicits a strong sensory engagement that nurtures the viewer’s contemplative state. In their nakedness, the works achieve a tension between what seems to be straight forward or scientific, and a clear poetic disposition.

Alejo’s insistence on matter calls for its potential as an agent of energy, circulation and transformation, leveling up the ground between what we consider to be animate and inanimate.