Andrea Galvani – Time is the Enemy

October 21, 2021 – January 30, 2022

Download here the exhibition booklet

Do we exist in time, or does time exist in us? 

Transforming all 200 square meters of the main exhibition space into a gray capsule, Andrea Galvani (Italy, 1973) creates a site of encounter for discovery and reflection designed to be experienced by the public. In this exhibition, time is compressed, collapsed, dilated, distended. This once intimate and omnipresent aspect of our lives begins to melt and deform—it slows down, speeds up, stands still, vanishes and reappears. Guiding us through the strange and mysterious wilderness beyond the threshold of our perception, Galvani uses the malleability of time—its capacity to morph and change, to speed up and slow down, accumulate and disperse—as raw material. Time is the Enemy reveals a layered and complex reality, caught in endless flux and transformation.

This show marks the international premier of a new large-scale photographic series. Collaborating with professional skydivers over the course of 3 years, testing different technologies and experimenting in different locations, Galvani’s photographs capture bodies free-falling at dusk—crossing the border between time, day and night. Travelers suspended in twilight, in the transit of light, these solitary figures evoke vertiginous sensations of ascension and decline, elevation and fall. To produce these images, Galvani jumped alongside the skydivers, documenting their journey through the atmosphere as they cross temporal layers, gravitating to the Earth where time is slowed down. Freezing a dramatic action, Galvani’s immersive photographs are infused with spiritual weight—evoking themes of isolation, loss, desire, mortality, sacrifice, and redemption.