Pick of the Month – July: Juan Capistrán

Pick of the Month by Catu Mora (Collector): Juan Capistrán

Katabasis, from the series After Chaos Comes Eros…he is stronger than his rock (I could be happy), explores the ideas of a revolutionary life through the philosophy of the absurd by albert camus. The work references the path or journey that one must take to live a full and just  life in the context of despair while using the  myth of sisyphus as a point of departure.
The object depicted in the photographs is the remnant of two white painted bricks that were used in a performance (I cannot all rebuild what so many men persist in destroying, 2013). The photographs of the bricks are installed on the wall in a arc trajectory referencing Sisyphus´endless journey as well as the path the brick itself would take if being thrown in an act of rebellion.

* Pick of the month is a program in which we invite our team, artists and friends to choose their favorite work from our inventory and share it every month.