Cristina Garrido – The (Invisible) Art of Documenting Art

We are screen art spectators. Virtual consumers of contemporary art. Visitors to museums, galleries, biennials, and art fairs without having to move from where we are, thanks to professionals who portray artworks, exhibitions, installations, performances, and even sound art. Their ways of looking produce images that synthesize and transform the artworks, opening doors to curiosity.

Visual artist Cristina Garrido went to meet eight of them (Roberto Ruiz, Peter Cox, Moritz Bernoully, Carlos Díaz Corona, PJ Rountree, Erika Barahona Ede, Ela Bialkowska y Andrea Rossetti). This is the story –or at least one of the stories– of art’s B-side: the (invisible) figure of the photographer who documents contemporary art.

The (Invisible) Art of Documenting Art
2019 – Book, full color, 160 pages
Publisher: Caniche Editorial
Upcoming book launch at ARCOMadrid 2019 on March 1st