Cristina Garrido at Fundación DIDAC

Cristina Garrido sets up a site-specific installation with which she turns the exhibition space of Fundación DIDAC into a type of stage that will serve to develop the stories of eight characters. These stories come from a series of conversations held over the last year with Esther Ibarrola, Antonio Zuñiga, Sergio Ojeda, Alberto Sanchez, Miguel Lorente, Luisa Redondo, Jaume Alcalde and Joaquin Vila, creators who were part of the contemporary art circuit until, for various reasons, they decided or were forced to abandon their activity.

The artist highlights an issue that is usually made invisible by critics, the media and the official historiography: the relationship between success and creation and the complex interweaving that encompasses the professional world of the sector. The exhibition display is composed of a series of objects exhibited as a set that, together with a dim overhead lighting and the sound recording of the interviews conducted with each person, generate a unique atmosphere that is torn between warmth and strangeness.

El mejor trabajo del mundo / The Best Job in the World
Curated by Performa
Octuber 30, 2021 – January 16, 2022
Fundación DIDAC
Santiago de Compostela, Spain