Cristina Garrido at Maison Pelgrims

The Pelgrims house is a magnificent building from the early 20th century, combining past architectural styles as interpreted according to the taste of the time; akin to Norma Desmond, the character in film Sunset Boulevard, an aging star of silent cinema homebound in her mansion. Like her, the house is equally dusty and obsolete, inhabited by the spirit of another time, ostentatious and seductive.

A house is a receptacle of intimacies, it speaks of the lives that have inhabited it, as well as of their ends; whilst she remains standing, defying time. Curated by Maud Salembier, the show Norma is articulated around the understanding that the desire to live is the essence of beings and things, be it objects, plants, materials, patterns. It marks their relationship to time, their own finitude, their eternal becoming.

NORMA groupshow
September 6-29, 2018
Maison Pelgrims
Brussels, Belgium