Cristina Garrido at Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo

Curated by Beatriz Alonso y Carlos Fernández-Pello

Querer parecer noche is an exhibition included within the programme to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo and brings together works by 58 artists, with a substantial majority from the local scene.

Román Blázquez, one of the most veteran of the authorized copyists at the Prado Museum, will work on a regular basis in the halls of the museum, where he will paint a series of oil-on-canvas copies of the exhibition. The work seeks to interlace the city’s long tradition in painting with contemporary art production. Blázquez’ direct experience with the works and the exhibition spaces will give rise to an alternative documentation of the show that will gradually become part of the exhibition itself.

Photo credit: © Carlos Ruiz

Querer parecer noche
October 10, 2018 – January 27, 2019
Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Madrid, Spain